30 August 2010

Celebrating The Month

Today at school, when teacher started to teaching i turn upside-down or insane. I keep shouting and screaming and singing Eid songs and then i getting sleepy. My mood was flying away and I'm busy talking with Arna about Eid that will come next week. I got new schedule about my duty as Pengawas Koperasi, after the school holiday I will duty with Nadiah Rozaiman and teacher adviser is Puan Zalina, my favorite teacher<3 on Friday. Tomorrow, is a public holiday and on Wednesday, there will held briefing dengue and I'm not so in mood to attend it! On my mind is school holiday and Eid! I'm extremely happy for this year Eid! I don't have much time to buy eyeliner, eyeshadow and compact powder at Elianto because my mother is so fucking busy with her work. Maybe I will ask Arna to buy those things. Nur Ain Ruzlan, when i can get my lens? I can't wait anymore :(