11 October 2010

How Can I Stop?

Next week is final exam but yes I'm still switch on the computer. I already make Bahasa and English revision this morning then Momma hide the wi-fi modem and i was so pissed because tak sempat nak chat dengan indon kurus, sorry you. But, it's okay, memang niat this week malas nak cari modem nak study gila-gila. Suddenly, Anutie Wanie's ask momma whether momma free or not this afternoon because she want momma to accompany her to buy some stuff. Around 3 o'clock momma already get ready and goodbye momma, have fun! I'm searching for the old wi-fi modem but fuck up tak ada internet signal, after that I search the usual modem i use and I find it, dekat tempat biasa. I laugh hardly because mama tak pandai hide the modem. How can I focus on revision and final exam if I already know the hiding place of the modem :)

Buat buat taktahu and let's start doing revision but first I need to make some Milo's blended