16 October 2010

I Told You Already!

I'm still in relationship with Fakhrul Ammir, still in-love with him but IDK whether he still love me or not because I feel very apart from him, fucking apart. He reply the messages so late make me wait for too long, when I miss call him, he didn't take any action, he leave me alone at school and just hanging out with Zamir's, I don't want to put all the blame on him because I also guilty in this relationship. He doesn't know that I change the blog URL and I don't want to tell him, he need to find out by himself. Today I didn't reply his messages at all because I'm crying again! Fuckkk Uppp! I told you many times that I love you Fakhrul Ammir! It's hard for me to ask for a breaking up because I'm saying it again, I love you and I want to stay with you. If you want to end this relationship just told me because I will say "yes" even though it's gonna make my heart ripped into pieces. Don't be shy because at least I'm just gonna blacklisted you.
Last but not least, I Love You Indon Busuk

Should I say that I love Him even thought he doesn't love me anymore, i think.
I will just smile and keep smiling with a bleeding heart (woot! woot!)