30 October 2010

I'm IN-LOVE With You

Hey you, Mister A, yes you! I'm in-love with you, what should i do?

I post it on my Facebook wall yesterday around 4 o'clock.
For sure that Mister A stand for him.
I was so fucking worried about his first thought about what I post.
I'm freaking afraid that he will labeled me as *****!
So, when I used Arna's Iphone to online my Facebook account at Maju yesterday,
I want to delete that post but my girls said "no".
So, I just leave it.
The next day, yes today, I on the line, and he LIKE the post,
and that's totally enough to make me have a big smile on face until
Momma get worried with my sudden transformation :)

Sorry, I need to post something about him, at least one. I try to stop but it's hard :(