30 October 2010

Precious Time

Yesterday, I, Arna's, Afiqah's, and also Synthelara's went to Maju for lepak-ing together. We free from Final Exam except for Sivik and also Pendidikan Jasmani, ignore that two subjects. The main point why I want to go there so badly because of AAA :)

Abang Taiko's send us there, he is my new driver. So, pick Afiqah's and Arna's first. Then, we wait for Synthelara's about ten minutes. Abang Taiko's send and sit with us after he done smoking. We talked about AAA and D a lot, hot issues bebeh!

Keep waiting and waiting (only me), many stories revealed, we laugh hardly, disturbing all the Mamak's and other customers, did we care? We have to laugh to make our life become wonderful. Disturbing? Go to other Mamak's stall.

Around 6.30, right Synthelara's? I want to get back home after he didn't show up, annoyed. I stand up and want to pay up. Suddenly, I saw AAA, D and also AZ. I set back and my hands start shaking! The girls and also Syed's asked me to calm down. I do it. They get inside and few seconds later, they went outside and find a table. Nice!

After I pay up, and sit back. I look at D and D asked me to join them. Are you out of your mind? Three boys and one girl? NEVER! But, he keep asking me to sit with them. But I keep refusing.
Around 7 o'clock, Arna's momma come and pick them, and they just leave me with Syed's :(

I asked Syed's to join Aisya's but he keep saying "NO!". Orang nak tengok AAA pun takboleh! Clear view sikit :)

Iqa's come to pick me up after fetched Hassan's from school. When I walk to Iqa's car, all of them say "BYEEEE!" so loudly! I just keep walking without looking at them, blushing blushing.
Before I get in the car, I wave at them :) Sayonara~

Seriously, my hands shaking hardly when AAA come to Maju right Synthelara's, Arna's, Afiqah's and Syed's?