09 October 2010

Run Away

Stupid heels! Today, i went to one of my mother friend open house but he didn't do the open house at his house but at Saujana Club House. I thought I don't wanna go but I have to because I didn't take breakfast and momma didn't cook for lunch. Fakhrul, I'm still on diet. So, Abah drive and I get shock because I saw Afiq Ali, AWWWWWWWWWW! Then, i step out from the car and my heel broke, oh God! Dah lah Afiq Ali pandang time tuu, mana nak letak muka. Macam mana nak jalan? Macam mana nak lalu depan Afiq Ali? But I still keep walking and terus search for a table and sit, tak bangun bangun. Unfortunately, Afiq Ali's family sit in front my table, segan gila nak usha. But, I keep calm and senyum je kat dia sampai dah tak larat nak senyum. After 30 minutes, balik and I saw Auntie Laila and Uncle Yossry and Hassan again!
Afiq Ali was so handsome. You, I single and available :)