02 November 2010

There's Only You

Early in the morning :- Of course this entry about AAA, what can I do? I LOVEEEEEEE to do it even thought I try to control it so fucking bad. Let's talk about what "we" do today. While I'm taking Sivik paper, he on his way with Dolah's to their class after finish reading yassin. My friend asked me to look outside to the normal place that AAA will stand so, I look outside and saw him with Dolah's, walking so damnn slowly. I just watch him until he enter his class. I do my Sivik paper with a big smile, keep smiling until I laugh and that's totally insane. 20 minutes before the exam end, I go to the toilet and I saw Lee's without wearing her Kain and you know what her ******* is ******, sexy. I'm hanging with her about 5 minutes, after that, I want to get back to the class. Get out from the toilet and D walk in front me, with the toilet door open widely. I said
And he just smile, I get inside the toilet back and get out a few second later and AAA walk and he smile and of course my hands will shaking, poor me.

Recess time :- After the Koperasi meeting end, I, Ain's Fasihah and also Ain Ruzalan's walk back to my class to meet Puan.Zalina to talk about Koperasi things. Talk for a while and suddenly, Nabilah Sallehin's call me and I was
And she pointing outside and definitely i know what she mean. I walked outside and he looked at me and smile :) I'm going crazy, right Afiqah's? I jumping and dancing, while the other just look at my attitude. Like do I care? After done, doing the celebration ceremony, I and my girls walk to the canteen, and yes AAA already walk back to his class and he standing at his class balcony, saya jalan kepit ouhh(!)
I'm waiting him at canteen and Koperasi but he didn't show up, okay, I hanging with the girls in front of Bilik Kesihatan while watching Syed's and others painting the wall. Syed's said that AAA already when to the canteen, pfffttt, moron. When the recess time end, I saw AAA with his
"anak buah".
I just keep cool and calm. I don't look at him, my pride is so damnnn high.

After Recess :- Puan Zalina
asked I,
Ain's Fasihah and also Ain Ruzalan's to get down to the Koperasi to talk about "something". While AAA sitting at his normal place after the recess end. So, we walk to the Koperasi, my adrenaline hormones are uncontrolled when I saw him but I still can chillax. Three of us sitting at the stairs near the Koperasi and AAA
"anak buah"
are buying an ice-cream so, I just take a look at them. They said
and so whateberrr. Syafiq Lonjong's what my girls call him, I smiled at him and he walked toward me. I'm so scared, maybe he want to do something bad but no he didn't. He said
At me and pointing me to Aizad's and pointing Aizad's to me. Then he said
"Aizad malu lah"
I answered,
"Biarlah dia"
Ain Fasihah's said my face turn red and I don't know why! Yes, after Syafiq Lonjong's walk back to the place where Aizad's and Dolah's sat, I just watched Aizad's reaction, he just keep smiling. A few minutes later, Syafiq Lonjong's and Dolah's want to buy an ice-cream but they didn't buy it. My eyes stuck on Aizad, I can't do anything. He changed his place, he sat at the chair where he can see me clearly, EEEEE, blushing blushing. When, Puan Zalina didn't come, we walk back to the class after Aizad's already on his way back to his class with Dolah's, BUBYEEEEE :(

Free Time :- I'm hanging with my girls at the back of the class. Teacher Anna's is marking our Maths papers. I had a gossip with the boys, later. Suddenly, I saw AAA on his way to his normal place, the place that where I can see him clearly and so do him. I asked Nabilah's to sit with me, then I just look at AAA and he wrote something at the wall and yes, I'm going to have at look at the wall soon. I just smile and smile, I'm talking with Nabilah's but my eyes stuck at AAA. What should I do? I can stop from doing it.

On My Way Back From School :-
We have a big fucking problemo' here. A guy is so obsessed with Ain Ruzlan's, we need to kick him or slap him so, that he realize that Ain's didn't like him. So, we meet Ain's scandal, Amirul Anwar's, we told him bout what that
"obsessed guy"
Wanna do but he didn't gave a really good response, moron. Useless punya scandal boyfriend. So, I just take a look at AAA class and he standing at the front class door with his best friend Dolah's. I want to keep looking at him but I need to take care of my pride too. So, after the meeting done, we walked to the stairs and yes he looked at me, i think. Second floors, he waving at me. I was like what the hell?! My hands are shaking, still, and I already do the ceremony dancing, woot(!) woot(!) So, that's the story for today :)