11 December 2010

Day By Day

I text with Aizad last night, fuhhh, what a relief. At last, I can text with him. I miss him, miss him so much(!). Well, I didn't have a chance to borrow Nabilah phone, kinda upset but I need to wait, because I told Mama I want to borrow Arna's Converse shoes but Arna's is so sleepy and I need to stay calm and cool :). Well, last night I didn't on the line, not in a mood. oToday, a few hours ago, before I update my entry, I check all the requests, message and also notification on my Facebook account. Nahh, Anwar send me a message --'


Sorry? Is the sorry word gonna calm me down? I text you but you didn't reply. Now, I already know how my best friend feeling when you didn't reply her text. Please Anwar, don't make me hate you. I called you using Abang's phone, I'm so pissed off to talk with you actually but Abang's push me. I didn't hear anything! It's too loud and seriously I feel annoyed with you. Didn't reply my text and you make me wait you like err, I guess it's enough to type about you.


Back to Aizad. So, we text like always from 7.00 o'clock something, before I text him, I call him, fuhh, I miss to hear his cute voice. So, he asked me why I didn't reply his text and answer his call. I'm sorry. So, we text and text and text. Abang's keep disturbing me while I'm textting with aizad. He asked me to give my phone, he pulled my nose so, I tell Aizad that Abang pull my nose and it's turn red! You know what Aizad's said, he said
"okay lah tu sampai merah, prettyclown<3".
He doesn't want to backup me, if I didn't join his gang. Nahh, I don't want(!) I asked him whether he read my blog or not, he said he doesn't read my blog, fuuuhhhh, what a relief. If he read my blog, I don't know how I can face him this upcoming Thursday, wink wink. he joining me going Mid, oh, I love you more and more. But, he want the URL, so, I told him
"Taknak lah, you jangan baca, blog i pasal 'someone', nanti I malu".
He replied
"someone? I? Pfffttttt! Pffftttt!".
IDK, why he being so mengada last night, rasa macam nak sekeh sekeh je --' After and hour share the laughs, joys, tears and stories, I text him and said
"you, maybe after this I takboleh nak text you lagi dah".
He replied
"alahh, dah kenapa pulak dah nie :(".
I said
"Sebab I nak mandi".
HAHAHAHA kasi gelak lebih lebih :D

He replied
"EEEE! Suka main main! I dah nak nangis dah :D"