02 December 2010

Hello December

HELL-O December :) A cold welcome from me. You already take away November and I don't like you actually, I mean it. Aizad's is going to end his SPM this 15th December and he gonna forget about me. How pathetic I am. I have duty at Koperasi on 21th and 31the December, I don't like it. A lot of things gonna be listed on my book. A lot of upcoming plans. I miss November, I miss all the memories. But, I hope that December also gonna be as nice as November. Errr, school is going to start soon. Aizad's is going to PLKN for three months! Can you imagine? No more texting and calling. OHMYGAWSHH! I'm gonna miss him like heaven miss good people. He said he's going to call me every weak, but still I'm gonna miss you :( Pity me.