18 December 2010


Let's post entry about Sunway outing more. Okay, since Aizad is not gonna watch movie with me , he and his gang book a ticket on, err, IDK. Tapi malam, maybe around 7.00 something. So, after the movie end, he text me and nahh, he is in-love with Cora. I'm so pissed off with that girl.

Suddenly he said Cora is so lawaa, and I reply

"FINEEEE! You pergi lah dekat Cora you tuu, pergi! pergi!"

I'm so annoyed --' You know what he said

"Thank you youuu, I love youuu"

Err, I dah marah dia but dia boleh cakap macam tuu --' So, tak jadi nak marah lagi.

After that I said

"Apasal cakap dekat I, pergi lah cakap dekat Cora yang you sayang tu"
He reply
"I sayang Cora tuu sikit, I sayang you lebih <3<3"
OHMAIGAWSHH! That night was the best night ever! I know some of you don't like when I post about Aizad but I don't want to forget any memories between us. I want to remember all his text and words. At least, when, I miss him one day, I can read my blog again.