05 December 2010

People Make Mistakes

A millions sorry to Bella, Afiqah, Fazrul and also Anwar. I know it's my fault. Ye ye je kata confirm nak datang, tapi tak jugak muncul muncul dekat Maju. Err, millions sorry you guys! Mama tukar plan balik kampung last last minit, sepatutnya, I balik kampung malam but Mama need to pick up Babah at his office, at Putrajaya and terus balik kampung. So, petang terus gerak balik kampung. Cuaca cerah je kan? Tak hujan kan petang tu? Semua berkat I berdoa pagi ke petang, petang ke malam. Tapi takpa lahh, lain kali kita lepak, Arna mesti adaaa! This is not about Dolah or whatever, this is because I miss to lepak with all of you. Laughing hardly like there's no one else, everyone will share their own story and then Bella's will menambahkan cerita tuu being more funny, and sometimes annoying sebab she will kaitkan semua orang dalam her "own" story but it's what we called as friendship. A lot of laugh, smile, story and tears.

I text-ing with Aizad, he said that he already wear the yellow tee's, sorryyyyyy! Rugi gilaaaaa i tak pergi duhh. Mula mula dia cakap dia taknak pakai yellow tee's sebab macam unifrom mamak mamak Maju. He want to wear a black tee's. So, I didn't expect that he will wear it. it's okay, maybe next time, kan aizad? WINK WINK

I was waiting for my girls confirmation when they will be free to lepak again. You guys, lepak this Thursday or Friday can? Choose one :)

Anwar said he will treat me again, yipppyyyyyy! Thank you so much Anwar.

And one more things, Aizad sekarang kan, every time I text him, mesti dia cakap pasal Anwar. He talked about Anwar a lot. Seriously, I don't like it. He pissed me off. When he start to talk about Anwar, I will said that I want to take a nap, serve him right!