28 December 2010

Pretty Girls Everywhere

What did you guys feel? Sad? Wanna Cry? Lemme tell ya, I feel like I wanna scream out loud and tell him "please don't hurt me like this." Damnnn it, I'm crying like hell! Fineeee! Do whatever you wanna do. You are no one for me, just a piece of shit. Seronok kan? Go on, find pretty girls everywhere. I need to move on. I think, this is the time I need to find a new guy :') Alahhh Najah, kau cakap je lebih, move on lah, new boyf lah, apa lah. Balik balik, kau post jugak entry pasal dia. Kau ni betul betul pathetic, ada faham ka? He text me after he off-the-line, I was text-ing with other person that time so, I'm kinda busy sampai tersalah send text. But, he didn't reply my text after that :( Kalau taknak text-ing takpayah send, I wait for you until morning, you piece of crap! FUCKKKK!