30 January 2011


Currently, I'm fucking confused with my family decision. My dad dapat naik pangkat so, macam biasa lah kan. Mesti lah kena pindah dekat office lain kan? Right now, he still at Putrajaya. I don't mind if kena pindah Putrajaya, takdalah jauh mana kan? Tempat pun cool. Alamanda pun ada and other nice places. But what if all of us kena pindah Sabah or Sarawak? Nahhh, I can't stop thinking about it. Headache man!

And, yesterday, Abah already give me a confirmation that dia kena pindah Ipoh but because of me, he need to cancel it and stay at Putrajaya. But after I'm done with SPM, Abah akan mintak pindah pergi Sabah. That is what I heard form my parents. Seriously, I don't feel sad at all. I really really want to move on to other place. Stay at Saujana Utama is the suck-iest decision my mom ever made! I moved on to Saujana Utama because of Abang attitude and Mama want him to be the old Safwan Nabil. But I am the one who get hurt.

I miss my friends, my freedom, my happiness at Ampang. I miss everything that I used to do :')