30 January 2011


Actually, I wanna post a lots of entries. About what happen on Merentas Desa day, who I meet, why I turn moody, what happened between us and others. But I don't know why, every time I touch the keyboard I felt like something wrong. Something that does not suit with the real Najah Iman. The old Najah Iman have gone. You guys didn't see it and feel it but I do. Every single thing I do will turn fucking wrong. This shit is ain't funny guys! What the fuck is wrong with me? Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Hello Najah Iman, can you turn back to the old you? The old Najah's that full of laugh, jokes, smiles, tears and happiness and craziness! I want the old me, please :')

Gimme me some space and time, I will post all the entries, as soon as possible. Maybe because my heart and feeling get hurt because of best friends and also AAA. But, it's okay. I can face it alone.

*Sorry for the foul words