15 February 2011

Negative Thinking

I'm sorry for didn't update a new entry lately. Kinda busy with studies. Monthly test is coming on this 28th February and will end on 4th Macrh. 4th March? One month I'm in relationship with beloved AAA, heeee :D I can't believe it. I feel time past reallyyyyy fast. Maybe of student factor so, most of my time was spend on school, study, tuition, curriculum and others. This entry I will talk about what happened between us, a new couple but we have know each other deeper than other couple. Mana tak nya, sampai AAA dah faham sangat dah dengan perangai girlfriend dia. Err, boring with AAA entry? But I loikeeee it! I love my boyfriend and I love to post a lots of entries about him :)

First of all, AAA already quit from KITSCHEN! Yeaaaayyyy! He gonna spend most of his times with me ;) I don't mind if he is jobless but maybe he do mind. Ahhhh! Peduli apa, you yang taknak kerja. Kesian kat your mom duduk rumah sorang sorong konon, hehh :P Back to the reason why I post this entry because.. I want you guys to know how bad is my negative thinking. I think negative a lot! But AAA still can stand with my attitude :') Ni yang I sayang you lebih ni, heeeee :P

It's happened on 8th February 2011. On the night after I finished tuition class. And also on the same day I chilling around with him at Fareed.

As you guys know, AAA remain silent bila lepak. Memanggg pemalu sangat Ahmad Aizad Azizi ni :D Ntah bila bila AAA jadi pemalu --' I'm kinda pissed with him. I tried to talk with him but maybe sebab AAA penat, baru balik kerja and terus kena paksa dengan girlfriend dia datang Fareed, he prefer to remain silent. But the truth is, AAA banyakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cakap :D

After I'm done with tuition class. We texting like normal. And out of blue AAA keep saying "sorry" and he felt guilty. I don't know what the heck is wrong with him -___-' He keep seeking for apology. I asked him WHY? But, he also don't know why. Then, I start to think negative..

NI - 'Hahh, i tau kenapa you rasa bersalah. Sebenar nya you tak sayang i. But you terpaksa cakap yang you sayang i sebab kesian tengok i. Betul kan? Kan kan?'

AAA - 'Ishh bukan lah . I sayang you lah you . Serious . I tak pernah tipu . I sayang you sorang je :( '
NI - 'Oh okayy, habis tu? Tiba tiba you say sorry. Hahh! You ada suka other girl ke? Takpa takpa, you boleh bagitau i'

AAA - 'Mana ada i suka siapa siapa selain you :/'

NI - 'Habis tu? Semua benda i cakap salah -.- Okay, i tau dah. You menyesal couple dengan i kan? Ni mesti betul ni'

AAA - 'Ya allah you . Jangan lah sampai macam tu you fikir . I tak menyesal pun . Sumpah :')'

NI- 'Ishh! Bukan jugak -.- Yang ni confirm betul. You nak break up kan? But you kesian kat i so, you terpaksa lah go on. Tu yang you rasa bersalah. Kannnnn? :)'

AAA - 'You , jangan lah fikir sampai macam tu . I tak pernah fikir pun . Sumpah , youuuuuu . Ish'

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! That is the reason why sometimes Arna get mad at me. He will back up AAA because of my negative thinking. Sampai hati best friend aku tak back up aku, tsk tsk :/ *sigh sigh I know my attitude towards AAA is effing worst! But I can't stop think negative, I tried to think positive but I am Najah Iman, I think negative --' Apa yang aku merapu ni, ishh! Seriously, mesti ada je benda yang aku fikir. Bukan benda yang semenggah. Semua benda yang ntah apa apa, merapu banyakk -____-' I don't know why AAA still can stand with me, you ni kannn, haihh :')

Thanks dear, I love youuuuuuuuuuuu!

P/s : Yang lain jangan jealous :P