04 February 2011

Two In One

The "BRING BACK THE MEMORY" entry is an oldest entry that I should post on 20th January. Actually, I want to post it, but AAA asked me to keep it as a secret first. So, I need to respect his decision. Since, I'm already in a relationship with him, I though he don't mind if I post it. Really, when he told me, I felt like I wanna cry, the same thing happened when he asked me to be his girl. You suka buat I macam ni do. Suka buat benda yang I tak expect langsung kan? :/

To my girls, and especially to Ain Ruzlan and Amirul Anwar Shirat, aku terasa gila dengan korang. Sampai hati tak cakap apa apa kat aku kan? Kalau aku tak tengok wall Amirul satu benda pun aku taktau. For sure yang lain tau pasal korang kan? Aku je yang noob sangat, selalu tercicir. So, I though better I keep my relationship as a secret kan? Korang boleh asal aku tak boleh? I know you guys hiding a secret from me. Banyak benda yang aku taktau, takpa. After this, semua secret aku, I keep it private and confidential :)