04 March 2011

One month ♥

A month in relationship with dearest Ahmad Aizad Azizi :) Macam kejap je duh, tau tau dah sebulan. Tak rasa apa apa pun, serious :| That night before 12.00 am, we had a fought about something that err secret. He get jealous and I'm sorry babyyy :/ I off my phone --' for 30 minutes something, gila kan? Suka betul Najah Iman cari nahas, grrr Sharp 12.00 o'clock, I on my phone back and maxis send me a message "You have 6 missed calls (6) +6014*****09 since 11.39 pm 03.03.2011". A few seconds later, I received a text from AAA

"Youuu i love you so much , dah sebulan kita couple . I sayang you sangat sangat . And i tak nak hilang you sayang , i mintak maaf kalau selama ni i ada buat you sakit hati ke apa ke okay ? I love you so muchhhhh ! <3<3<3"

When I read his text terus menangis. I don't know why, he is so nice with me. Whatever I do, hurt his feeling, off the phone, ignore his call and so many more! He still love me, haihhh :/

Seriously I love you too, you takpayah tanya lah I sayang you ke tak. No matter what you are my boy and I am your girl. I love you now, tomorrow, next day and so on. Thank you babyyyy, I luff chuu
♥♥ :)