18 March 2011


Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday on the next day? And JYEAHHHHH! School holidays is nearly over and I'm gonna transform to be more focus on class, hehe :D I'm going to Melaka tomorrow until Sunday. Family vacation. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Nak mandi swimming pool and AAA respond "Hmm seronok lah you. Swimming. Ramai lelaki tak pakai baju". Don't worry babyy, I ingat you jugak. Time I tengah swimming I text you, haaaa Dahsyat kan? hikhik
I'm going to stay at Tiara Beach Resort. Seronok lah nanti, hehe :D

Guys, I'm going for two days only. I love you babyboooo ♥♥

I took those pictures, serious :|