08 April 2011

The Presentation

Happy Wednesday! *6th April Well everything went smoothly from morning until recess. I didn't touch any book from the first period until the fourth period, hikhik ;) All teachers busy with err I don't know and I don't mind. After recess is English. This is the reason why I post this entry. It's freaking pissed me off and I really hate it when ONLY Arna and I handle the presentation. It-was-like-what-the-heck-did-both-of-us-nagging-in-front-of-the-class-while-the-other-members-that-should-join the-presentation-just-stand-around-the-corner-like-master-shit! I already did the presentation paper all alone by MYSELF! I'm the one who bought the paper, I don't mind about the cost but at least they should ask if I need help or not but what the asked is "Najah, English macam mana? kau dah buat belum?" This-is-equal-to-I-do-all-this-stuff-alone-and-I-don't-need-any-group-member! One of them boleh cakap "Kau kan pandai english, dapat highest". Lee-cib! Lee-cib! Lee-cib! hahaha :P I stay up late night to understand every single details about the story. The plot, the themes, the setting and the main points. Praise to God, Arna help me. I feel way much better. Only both of us hardly explain to the class about the story. Nasib baik diaorang faham apa yang kitaorang present. Even cerita Step By wicked Step on Ralph's story belit belit macam ular --' Bila kitaorang suruh other members explain about the themes yang terang terang I dah tulis dekat paper, diaorang just kena baca je but all of them still don't want to cooperate. For God sake siapa yang tak sakit hati? I dengan Arna macam apa ntah explain berdua je. The rest four group members just duduk tak tolong apa pun. Allah je tahu macam mana perasaan I dengan Arna that time. Bila Arna suruh diaorang explain according to the paper on board but they refused it Arna dah menjerit jerit, bengang kut. Siapa tak bengang kan? Last last Arna yang explain kan. Bila Arna dah tak larat nak explain, my turn pulak explain to the class. After this kitaorang serik nak group dengan Kalsum, Kuntum, Kemboja, Kenanga dah. Demi Allah, kitaorang serik :(