19 June 2011

Same Mistake

Everything turn wrong. It's hard situation to explain here. But I will do it so. Just wait and see. Ipoh family vacation was ruined because of you. You make me cried badly again. You know how much I hate you partying and so whatever but God you will never understand. How hard the situation is we still together. For what reason? Because we in a relationship for 4 months. Tak pernah couple lebih lebih ni. I know how much you love me. Even I mintak break you still say no. Sedih gila bila I tengok you menangis depan I. I wipe your tears, I tried to cool you down. Please don't cry. I know it's your fault but I don't know how to explain. Lain kali jangan pergi paty lagi lah senang cerita. Sekali pergi dah syiok, dua kali pergi super syiok, tiga empat kali dah musnah masa depan. Mula mula tak ambik, lama lama ambik. So try to avoid all those negative social activity. *Cerita panjang lebar nanti dulu eh, panjang sangat hihi

Please try to change to be a better man. Take care of the moo moo I gave you. Jangan bawak pergi Poli, buat malu je -.- Always be your lover