20 August 2011



The differences - Pencil case that I made for Aizad takda glitter glitter. Farizah punya ada. Then Farizah ada teddy bear kat depan. Aizad don't have. When I showed to him Farizah pencil case pictures, his response "Kenapa I takda teddy bear?" Ya Allah, kang buat segan dia nak guna, grr

Happy belated birthday dear adik Farizah Kamarulbahrin. On 21st July. Sorry for the late update guys, being so damn busy, two weeks I'm all alone without all the technologies, hukhuk First update. I spend my time menjahit a pencil case for Farizah. As her birthday present. Tak dilupakan jugak, Arna. She help me with the words. Kang tak sebut nama dia, hmm Bukan main lah dia sedih, hihi I just thought I want to make pencil case business. Just for fun kan, apa salah nya :) If you want to make an order you can call me 0172521137. Its way much better we can contact through phone than Facebook. It only cost Rm12. You kan

Farizah, do your best on PMR. Hope Allah always bless your life. Be happy with your family okay adik?