06 August 2010

The Definition Of Couple

Couple? What is the definition of couple? For me since I'm a single lady, i really don't understand the definition of the word couple or dating. Why did we as a boy/girl need she/he? I will use the girls as the subject. Is it for us to give everything the boys ask for free? Don't need any toll or think carefully before give your virgin to the boys? I don't know thee feel of mouth kissing because i never that kind of thing, it's to dirty for me. I never kiss any boy in my whole life because i don't have any strong reason to do it. I don't put one hundred percent blame on the girls but also on the boys. Boys, should you do that kind of thing to her? If you really really like her you shouldn't kiss her, NEVER! If you guys, really desperate for a kiss, you should kiss Megan Fox poster like i always do to my K-pop group poster. To me it's normal kissing K-pop group poster, because i do it everyday before i go to school, before i take shower or sleep. So, people, kissing or have a sex it's not good because as a Muslim you should be afraid of Allah and sin. You guys should repent before The Last Day (hari kiamat)