06 August 2010

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Should i be honest in my own blog? Hmm, i really don't care whether you read my blog or not but Ahmad Aizad, i think you should know that, past three weeks ago, i like you so much same as i want to go to heaven. But, i know, I'm not brave enough to confess everything to you so, i just kept my feeling and lock it in my heart. Ahmad Aizad, i think you should know, the wrong comment i posted to you is one of my plan that i made with my friend to confess my feeling but you don't gave the reaction that i imagine. I'm pissed off, what the hell is wrong with you?! Don't you have any feeling at all?! I know everything about you Ahmad Aizad, even my best friend also know everything about you. You should not escape from the fate. Right now, the feeling already fly away after i open the lock and let them go freely. Goodbye Ahmad Aizad..