07 August 2010

Scream Out Loud!

SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM OUUUUUTTTT LOUDDDDDDDDDDD! I just watched MBLAQ an acronym for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality greeting for Malaysia fan! I'm so happy like hell, and i want to front kick someone with my leg because I'm so happy! So hard for me to describe my feeling right now! On that video G.O my husband speak Malay, can you believe it?! He said 'apa khabar, nama saya G.O' and the whole members always repeating 'Malaysia, Malaysia'. Guys, you can watched the whole video on my blog, don't need to open a new tab and search at YouTube. I'm so happy because I always hoping that MBLAQ will come to Malaysia and i will pray To Allah hardly so that MBLAQ can come to Malaysia soon before i die. MBLAQ G.O, Seungho, Mir, Lee Joon and Cheondung please come to Malaysia, I will waiting for you guys, Saranghae MBLAQ<3