07 August 2010

Stop Holding My Hand Because I'll Leave

There's a three words that i say everyday 'forget about him'. I always say those three words, it's so important for me because i really need to forget that person one hundred percent. It's hard for me but after i shared the pain with my closes friends it's became more easier for me. I can see his bright smile on his face, i can see he laugh loudly and walk with her happily. I will let you go, even thought it's hurting me a lot. I want to say Goodbye and walk away but i can't take the next step and say Goodbye. I don't cry because of this dirty little pain, I'm not crying! I said I'm not crying at all! (I'm crying like hell). Love is what makes you cry when you get dumped. I'm a fighter, but I'm not a lover because I didn't fight for my love. To that person, please do treat her right, don't make she cry as you make me cry past two years ago. No worries because being single doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve.