15 August 2010

How Come A Shoes Can Make Me Insane?

Woot Woot!
I'm so in love with Vans New Era right now since I will never ever wear Supra Chad Muska Skytop because it's so damn expensive. Not worth it at all for me to buy Supra. So, before fasting month, momma and i already survey for Eid clothing. Then, i saw a beautiful damn gorgeous, hottest shoes and when i show Vans New Era to momma, she said 'we will buy it later because momma so sure that abang will wear your shoes'. Yeahh, my brother always wear my things, from shoes to tees to socks to jeans and except my bra's. He always pissed me off because he's borrow my stuff without telling me first. Vans Canvas Era is not so expensive just around RM170. If i get this Vans i will not buy gladiator heels at PrimaVera. Oh Vans my lover, I will waiting for you even I'm dying in the inside.