13 August 2010

Hello, New Best Friend Forever

Tiredness of the fasting day. Oh My God (OMG!) i really tired this week, come back home 12.45 o'clock, reach home at 1.00 o'clock, take a shower, prayer, then take a nap, wake up at 4.00 o'clock, take a shower again and make a revision for monthly test next week. I don't know what is wrong with my body system, i feel tired all day long. Let's talk about what i took for the first day of breaking fast, i took one jug of Milo ice blended, one jug of Oren juice and a jug of sugar water. I'm so damn thirsty, i don't felt hungry at all. Same as the next day of the breaking fast, i just took a jug of watermelon juice. My body full of water and every night i need to woke up and go to the toilet. Now, i already found a new best friend forever, meet Ms.Water :)