13 August 2010

It's Hurt When I Fall

Past two days, i make the biggest mistake in the world. I confess about my feeling to my new crushed. Actually, I don't know since when I'm starting to like him, the feeling comes and goes. I say hello to the new crushed and said goodbye to forget him. Like i said before, sometimes i also don't understand my self. With my best friend help, i said to her to tell that boy that i like him but don't tell my name but the boy keep pushing my best friend so, she need to tell the truth. I didn't blame her for this problem, i blame my self hundred percent because make a damn stupid decision without thinking first. Nazirul Adam, i don't know whether you read my blog or not but no worries, i don't like you anymore, don't be stress with my confession. So, the moral i learn from this mistake is think before you do!