15 August 2010

I'll Back Off So You Can Live

My mood this week is very sensitive. What should i say? Why do i act this way? Why my video song on my blog so sad? What is wrong with me? Should i share with you guys about my sad love story? It's very embarrassing for me to share with you. I'm hurting in the inside, the pain i has cannot be explain. How hurt it is? I also don't know. But i try to pretend didn't see you by close my eyes but my ego doesn't stand hard by pushing me to see you, to see did you look at me or not. DAMN! it's so hard for me. What the hell is wrong with me. Forgetting you is so hard, you always stuck in my mind. One thing i wish is, i hope i didn't know you even we are in the same school. Go away or I'll hate you more and more even you're not guilty. Liking a boy is so awesome if he also has the same feeling but if he doesn't it's so sad. I will never ever write your name on my blog anymore AAA.