21 August 2010

Time Passing Me By

Mianhe (sorry) because didn't update my baby hunny bunny for a long time, a week i think. First, i had August test last week, I'm totally busy make some revision and it's kinda rushing for me because i don't have so much time to read all the revision books. After the test finish, i just spend my time with chilling and relaxing at home. Second, my brother was at home for a week! It's a disaster for me because i need to face that his legs are so skinny and sexy, make me damn jealous. Third, my father took the wi-fi modem because he thought that i will switch on the computer on school day, so lame father. yeah, i don't realized that a week pass so fast. I'm waiting for Eid, can't wait! More stories after this entry has been post.