17 September 2010

Boy, You Make Me Extremely Shy

It's extremely tired, my Raya Eve at Kedah is not so good. I had a long journey to Kedah and it's make extremely tired and don't have any mood to celebrate Raya. I don't know what word should i use to describe my tiredness. But, i have a story to share with you, a story that make me extremely shy. Last year, like usually, i celebrate Raya Eve at Kedah and one day i went to this house that known as my father's sedara mara that i barely known. Okay, let's labeled this family as Mak Long & Pak Long family but i need to call them Nek Long & Tok Long because my father's is their nephew. This family have two son and one daughter.The eldest son, same age with abang i think, yang lain i don't know. Went, we just arrive to their house, i really need to pee, lama gila tahan. Then, salam-salam, terus pergi tandas. Their house have two toilets, the left side toilet my siblings dah line-up so, the right side i thought takde orang because pintu tak lock, so, i just push the door and walaahh, the eldest son Nek Long & Pak Long ada dalam toilet and i was so shocked and quickly run into the living hall. Bila dia keluar and salam my parents i tunduk je. Then my sisters, tell my mother and she just smile. This year Raya Eve when i meet him, i avoiding him because i still remember this accident -___-