18 September 2010

One Day Equal To 24 Hours

Let short the story. Open houses at Bukit Jelutong and Gombak. Nahh, totally boring, I'm just waiting for the duit raya i don't eat all, just have good time drink sirap (it's the normal beverage at open house's). Then, i went to Ikea's buy some stuff then eat an ice-cream. After that, go to The Store, cut my lil sisters hair and i want to wash and blow my hair but mama say she want to get home early. Done doing "their" stuff, went to Pizza Hut. Suddenly, a hot guy enter the restaurant. Opsie he is wearing Pizza Hut's uniform but hell you, hensem gila nak mati! My table was infront their kitchen, i think he is working as cooker. When he doing his work, macam makcik makcik masak kat dapur, kelentang kelentung (bunyi kuali, periuk belanga bagai) but i seriously in-love with guy whose cooking, look sexy okay. I keep looking at Pizza Hut's kitchen and "him" also even thought nampak badan sahaja. One thing, he's keep looking at me, he keep bow his body kononnya macam cari barang then his eyes and my eyes bertemu, inilah dikatakan cinta pandang pertama (perasan perasan). But, my habit eat like hell still working, because I'm extremely hungry. I eat 2 slices of pizzas only. Then pergi raya dekat near my house and lastly me neighbor next-door. Mula-mula malas because anak makcik sebelah semua boys ynag dah besar-besar but pergi lah juga dapat duit raya kan. So, pergi, ambil laksa sikit, makan pun sikit because their son yang oldest tu keep taking my picture eating using DSLR. Susah lah jadi superstar after capture my photo then dia nak bingkaikan letak dekat dalam bilik:D