19 September 2010

I Will Get A Husband Soon?!

Today, i go to a kenduri kahwin at Ampang and meet me old neighbor. But, they get shocked because they don't see me about 3 years. They keep saying 'dah jadi anak dara dah Najah yaa'. I just keep smiling until my lips turn into Angelina Jolie's lips. Then i meet makcik mengaji which is Indonesian mix Singaporean. Then she said to my mother that she want her son, Arif which is same age with abang to marry me and i was so blushing, no need to wear blusher anymore. Then, on the way back to the car park, i meet Arif then i just smile at him but suddenly, mama say to him 'Arif nanti kahwin dengan Najah ye'. I just walk straight forward without looking back. Then, my lil sisters tell me Arif's reaction, she say 'Abang Arif's segan segan, muka merah lah angah'. I don't want to marry with anyone except my husbands & boyfriends :)