30 September 2010

The Comeback Of Miss A

I know all of you guys keep waiting for my new entry. About a week I'm away from keyboard. I don't want to face the reality that I think I'm being apart from everything, from my family and friends. I try to keep thinking positive but all the negative thinking keep showing up. When i see all the pictures one question come out
'Did you guys have so much fun?'
I don't blame you guys because I'm the one who didn't want to follow up. I try to smile and laugh together everyday with all of you. Show my fake face or fuck face should be more suitable but you guys should know me that I'm not such a good pretender even thought I'm trying my hard. Sometimes, I want to go far way from Saujana and go back to Ampang but damn it's hard, I'm not the one who can make decision easily. But, miracle come, Momma ask me is it fine for me to move on at Putrajaya since Babah can get Semi-D quarter, yesterday. Definitely the answer is yes but I said to her
'Mama habis SPM nanti baru pindah boleh tak because I want to take SPM at Saujana and end the paper with all of them especially Arna'.
Yes, I'm crying right now, I'm tired to be nice, I'm tired to control may anger, i told ya I'm a hot-tempered person and full of emotions. I'm crying now but no one can calm me. But, my tears will be joke for you guys because all of you didn't understand the definition of being a poor little friend. Of course you can make joke of me. I'm hell fat, I'm shorter than you thought but I have a pure feeling as a friend.