02 October 2010

Walk All Around The World

Today? What's the plan? Open Houses, of courseee! Afiqah's house and Arna's house. Let's start from A and end it up with Z. Cool? When to Afiqah's house and Arna's house also because they are cousin and their house mengahdap. So, momma stop in the middle of the road, get down from the car, i though i want to go to Arna's house first but i see a lot of motorcycles. I make a decision, to go to Afiqah's house first. Warm welcome at Afiqah's house, her parents are nice and also her siblings. Then, she take me to her room because both ain was in there. What I mean is Ain Ruzlan and Ain Fasihah which is my best friends. What are they doing? Make up-ing and get ready to be beauty. But, Ain Ruzlan (amoy) just wearing baju kurung and the kain was gone, smexy! Afiqah's tell me that at Arna's house full with my classmates and i tell her what they will say. Then, have a long conversation and watch B2ST latest single, Breath<3>
'Kalau Hassan lagi tinggi takpe, boleh couple contract'.
Both of them agreed and Fazrul and me also needinvolve in this couple contract, blushing blushing. So, we talk and talk until the others 3 girls come. Then my house become more meriah with laughs. 7.10 pm, Aisya's come to fetch Hassan's and Apek also need to get back home takut bapak marah (N cakap). After the guys get home, the photo shot begin! When all of us at the outside of house, Abang Ejoy pun menyibuk and jadi tukang penyibuk because he answer his phone outside the house! Mama say
'Dia kan jejaka idaman melaya'
BOOOOOOOO! Until 8.00 pm, Afiqah's father come and fetch them. Goodbye :)