08 September 2010

Midnight Update

I'm tired to pretend that I'm doing just fine. I'm tired to fall-in-like but I keep fall-in-like. I wanna talk in Malay-English can i? Okay, just now, i saw Aizad at Maju Ahmad. First at all, i just saw D walking next to me because he go to next table to see his girl-friend but that girl is with four to five dudes and she's the only girl at the table. I was so shocked because i just thought 'Mak dia tak kisah ke? Dia taktahu malu ke orang tengok dia? No shame of you girl, pity you'. Before that, i just meet my tuition tecaher, Aunt Sheila with her husband. I was so shy but lucky me, my bother just stood up and walk to her and had a short chit chat with her. She said 'Najah dah lain ya, muka nampak lain, nampak makin lawa' I was so kembang-kembang and syok sendiri. Back to the Aizad. When i saw D, i didn't know that he was there until i went to the sink to wash my hands. My heartbeat so fast, damnnnn! But, you know me, I'm totally good at control my feeling. When i back to my table, my heart keep beating faster and fastest. Then, my lil sis want to go to the toilet but I'm scared that all the mamak will touch her so i follow her to the toilet. When i walk back to the table, i just walk straight forward. Few minutes later, Aizad's walk to the toilet with a cigarette on his hand and I just watch him with pain. Then, i go to the cashier standing next to my mom, bought a chewing gum and when i turn back i saw with my eyes he LOOKING at me but yeah, I pretend don't see him. OMO~ I want to forget you Aziad Azizi :(