04 September 2010

I'm Not Crying, My Eyes Just Get Hurt

The tittle seem that I like a heartbroken girl. Act, no, i juts get my contact lens and it's my first time wearing lens. I get it on Thursday from contact lens salesgirl Nur Ain Ruzlan. I thought i will give the lens on Friday but when i walk toward her, she just give me the lens, and i was so freakin' happy and keep saying 'Jadilah raya aku tahun ini'. That night i tried wear lens and it's make my eyes turn red and my lil sis keep saying 'Angah, did you cry?' I was so pissed off because the lens don't want to stick at my eyes. But, now, I'm getting much better wearing lens in just to days, I'm a good leaner. Then i show to momma and she said 'Macam alien lah Angah'. I just smile because as a teenager i have right to make my self pretty :)