23 October 2010

Big Taiko Is Home!

HOHOHO, Abang is already at home since yesterday. I miss you big taiko. It was nice to have Abang back. About three weeks i don't talk and meet him. So, when he at home, Naufal's will abandoned me and keep following Abang. So, at night we talk about my new life except for my new boyfriend. I'm so shy to talk about this new thing. I will talk later with Abang. I have so much time to hanging with him. His semester break is about 2 months. I think Sis Anisa Aisya will come over to my place and meet my family, really can't wait to meet sis and her brother Aliff Yesterday, we took our dinner at Pizza Hut's near Shah Alam, IDK where is the place at. It's my first time being there. So, he keep telling about his suck life at UNISEL and he keep making jokes, oh SHIT! I really can't hold my laugh. Until momma get annoyed. Sorry mom. I asked him to teach me how to ride his scoot and he keep saying "later'. I just want him to teach me so that I can ride the scoot to school. My driver is back so, it's much easier for me to go out. Abang Taiko Badan Kecil, I love you and I know you also love me. Taiko, I want to have a fight with form 3 juniors so, can you be the leader?