23 October 2010


Yesterday, when the school bell rang on 12.30 o'clock and that's mean FREEDOMM! After, the teacher collected Agama paper, I walked out through the back door and suddenly, Mister U walk in front of me, he said "HI" and smile at me. I don't know what to say and just smile. Then, I saw my "boyfriend" at the front door of my class without looking at me. Okay fine! I don't mind because I was the one who asked you not to walk with me everyday. So, I walk with my girls. Synthelara's told a story about what Mister U did at Anis one of Synthelara's classmate and yes! It's fucking hilarious, and when four of us talking about Mister U accident, it will change into 18sc story. Cerita dia macam ni, Mister U tengah borak dengan kawan dia and suddenly tangan dia terangkat tudung Anis, and when the story passed to us it will become worst. You know what I mean. Takut terkena Anis's boobs, sorry.

Mister U is Ubaidullah :)