07 October 2010

Don't Ask Me 'Why'

First at all, i have a new boyfriend. It's kinda shocking i think. Najah have a boyfriend?! It's kinda funny when i think about it again. This guy make ALWAYS make me pissed off, annoying you know. But, past two weeks, I'm starting to fall-in-like with him. I don't know HOW? WHY? So, just keep your mouth shut and follow my drama. I know some of my friends don't like this new relationship but can all of you be supportive. I also don't know how come I can like this guy because I always hate him. Maybe I should not hate him before this because momma always said
'Jangan benci orang, nanti sangkut, mama tolong gelak je'

He purpose me after recess after I try to hard to avoid him then he walk beside me and said 'Fakhrul suka Najah, kalau Fakhrul minta couple Najah terima tak?'. I replied, 'Najah bagi jawapan time balik nanti'. Then, i enter the class, Arna's and Nabilah's push me and ask me from A to Z so, i explain to them and they say something that hard for me to say here. I'm keep waiting the bell to ringing and yes it's already one clock, i can see him standing outside of his class, my heart beat so fast. I walk toward him but all the "wartawans" being so busy body. I ask hime the question again and I say YES! But Arna's, Nabilah's and Afiqah's ignore me. I'm so sad how come all of you just ignore me. He walk with me until my car and i say 'Bye Fakhrul' but he didn't satisfied and say 'Bye je?!' I just smile and he say 'Bye, LOVE YOU'. blushing blushing~
For Fakhrul, I just want a sempoi and rocking relationship without those jiwang jiwang words. No sayang or whatever, i hate it, seriously i mean it. I don't want you to touch me 'sesuka hati' because saya anak mak lah awak. Then, I don't want to berkepit with you 24 hours because I can get bored. I don't want berkepit with you bila balik, and bila pergi rehat or so whatever. I just want a calm and open relationship. Ohh, almost forget, I don't have any phone and I don't want to have one so, face it :)