07 October 2010

It's Enough For Me & You

I want to post an entry about MR.AAA. Lets' talk about what he do last Tuesday. I'm on my way with Arna's walking down the stairs step by step. I see him and he is ugly(!). Just kidding. I just walk normally still talking with Arna but MR.AAA walk beside me just about a few inches. I don't understand at all what he try to do, he walk beside me and talk loudly and say foul words, annoying gila lah bodoh! Arna's also say the same thing on the next day. Today, I just spent my recess time at Koperasi and he come with D and stand next to me while D hugging him. GRRRRRRR, MR.AAA kinda fucking moron! Both of them speak English kononnya aku tak faham lah agaknya. After that i walk back to the class and go to the toilet and on my way to the toilet he walk in front of me dengan sengaja nya. Okay Mister, I think that's enough, Goodbye!