08 October 2010

Put All The Blame On Me

Dear Arna, my best friend forever until my last breath. A billion sorry from my deep heart for you. I'm sorry for hurting your feeling and left you without holding your hand. I realize that I change but I also don't want to change. But, when three of you ignore me and left me behind with him is totally make me sad. If this new relationship make our friendship get crack, I will choose to break up with Fakhrul and be with you guys. Arna, you should know that I love you more than him and if I need to choose between you and him I will definitely choose our six years friendship. I will tell Fakhrul that I will walk back home with you everyday because you are my best friend and he is just my boy, okay babe?

Please, I love you Arna Farisa because we share everything together :)