15 October 2010

I Thought That _____.

Today at school, we didn't study a lot. Most of teacher didn't enter the class. So, me, Arna's, Ain's and Zai's talk about family problems after we done doing Maths revisions. First we talk about Zai's problem and then we talk about mine. I talk about Ayah, how my parents get divorce, how much Ayah love me, about Abang and all the stories make me want to cry because it's about my past and it's hurting me, when I remember it back I will cry. But, what can I do? I love Momma even though sometimes she always make me annoying, I know he loves Abang more than me, but Abang love me more because I'm the only Lil sister he have in this world. Yes, I'm crying. Today's is crying day, don't you know? It' hard for me to have a step father because I can accept him as my father even thought he took care of me since I'm tow years old. When I see other father-daughter walking together, holding hand and hugging, i want to feel it but to who should I do? Where is my Ayah? I don't want to do all that kind of stuffs to Babah because I rarely talk with him, Sorry. Then, Arna's tell her family problem. I thought only I have all that kind of problems but everyone face it and yes, when we sharing the story it makes our friendships more close :)