15 October 2010

Should I Just Walk Away?

I'm not crying? Can I say something like that even thought I'm crying hardly right now. How could you do something like that to me? Just ignore me and have fun with them. Indon Busuk, before I pergi koperasi, i walk to the library first to see you because I know you in there. I tell Arna's that I want to see Afiqah's but the main reason is I want to see you. Bila I sampai dekat depan pintu Library, I saw you sitting together with Zamir's & Lee's, are you having so much fun with them until you ignore me? Arna's keep saying yang you tak perasaan but it's already enough to make me cry but what should I cry because of something like that? Lantak lah dengan you, and I keep saying in my heart that I don't want to talk & look & walk with you! So, I walk with Arna's to the koperasi, I want to cry but I still make stupid joke and force myself to laugh. When I'm on duty, you came, but I don't look at you. What should i do? I already said to myself. I want to ignore you, can you feel what I feel just now? I talk with Mister U and keep ignoring you and keep doing it. Then you say to me you want to go to the canteen? What the hell is this? You said you don't have any money and I feel absolutely wrong because I always ask you to buy me an ice-cream and yes that is the reason why I end the text-ing time with you earlier, I told you I want to go to sleep but NO, I keep crying because I feel guilty with you. I don't take my dinner last night, today's breakfast and I keep myself starving. After I end up my duty, you didn't show up, it's okay I just keep walking to Cikgu Lan's room ALONE! On my way to the class, I saw Syed after a few seconds i saw you but i just ignore you. Can't you juts call my name or run to me. Susah sangat ke? I enter the class and I keep shouting because I don't want to cry. It's makes me feel better. I ask Syafiq's to sit next to me and I told him everything. When you pass by my class, I don't look at you at all, I'm so pissed off. But, time balik, I'm doing something to make you feel jealous but I don't know whether you feel it or not. Indon Busuk, I don't want talk a lot with you right? Serve you right, now you can feel how I feel. But I'm sorry if on this two days I rarely talk with you because I have to settle some problems with my classmates.

Should I Just End This Relationship Because I'm Tired To Cry.