20 October 2010


Yesterday :-
Pura-pura yaa? It's okay, I will tell the truth here, on my own blog! Yesterday, while I'm lepak-ing together with Zamir's, Lee's, Syed's and Aiman's and also my boyfriend. I saw D, AAA and also A. First at all, I'm just looking at D, just looking okay! Then, he saw me looking at him and he smile and I smile back at him. Then, he tell something A and A tell AAA. Then, three of them looking at me. I was so "gelabah" but still keep looking at them. Then, A say "awek" and I'm so perasan that he call me but it's okay because at least i know that three of them recognize me at school. While I'm taking English Paper 2, AAA and D pass by my class TWICE! Awak, saya akan berusaha dengan sungguh-sungguh in English paper sebab awak-awak dah bagi inspirasi dekat saya because i know both of you speak English, ecehh, wak luuu!

Today :-
I'm walking down to the Koperasi for accompany Synthelara to buy an ice-cream with Arna's of course. After done buying the ice-cream, we walk back to the class with a very slow step, tired. Tiba-tiba, I saw AAA walking down to the stairs and he look at me, GOSH! Still want to be a pretender, fine. Keep doing it. Let AAA go then, bila nak pusing je, Arna's lagi sikit nak bertembung dengan D, fuhh. You know what, time lagi sikit Arna's nak bertembung dengan dia, D just keep smiling even thought lagi sikit nak langgar anak dara Isa's. Muka gatai, haishh. I can't hold my laugh and just let it go, I laugh very hard, poor that guy. After, the accident happened, I just remembered about the planned i made with Arna.
Time balik sekolah, while walking together with boyfriend, D walk beside me and I look at his face directly, hensemm! Then, he said foul words at AAA and AAA walk behind me. You, keep pretending, I don't care!

AAA, you such a professional pretender, I hate you!