21 October 2010


FUCK OFF! History paper two is so fucking difficult! Really, I mean it. After an hour i took the paper, I feel annoying. What I read is not coming out?! What I expect is not in the paper?! How cruel is Jabatan Pelajaran Kuala Selangor. But, it's okay, only two structure questions I leave it blank. Out of my mind because I only read the early topics. After an hour I'm done doing it, I want to sleep but my eyes don't want to close. So, I have a chat with Usatzah Jamaliah's, and Arna's. Exam pun boleh borak? Suka hati saya lahh! Then, I look at Indon class and I can see him clearly but IDK whether he can see me or not. Leave him. I saw AAA, D, A and F for many times today. I get bored to see them. Tomorrow is Agama papers and as a Muslim I should get A+ for this subject. If I don't know the answer I can ask Arna's because she got A+ for August monthly test, woot woot