21 October 2010

Pity Me

OH GOSHHHH! Yes you dude, the one who drive me crazy. Can you stop toying my feeling? Synthelara's words "GEMUK BODOH" and my words are "KURUS MORON". You broke my heart for many times and I can't face it anymore because you are already gone from my heart. Or, I'm done with you Ahmad A_____. While, I'm get ready for taking History paper one in the early morning, he pass by my class TWICE! After History paper one finished, Arna's and I walk to Eris to meet the other BFF. While Synthelara's is sitting at D favorite place, cwitt cwitt. I can smell "nasi minyak". Then, that guy I hate the most is standing with his friends in front of Eris class. FUCK UP! I just watch what he doing, like always. I love to see him, I do. After, 15 minutes hanging with the BFF, Arna's and I need to walk back to the class, History paper two is on ten o'clock, so, we need to be hurry. While we walked slowly, I still look at that guy and his position is facing F and F is facing with the path we walking. So, I can see F clearly. I keep looking at both of them and suddenly, F point his finger at AAA but looking at me or Arna's. I really do care because the problem is to who is F pointing at? Headache! I wonder if AAA like Arna's not me, huh, pity me.