12 October 2010

Mind Your Own Business

Please Bitch, don't talk rubbish about my friend. Really, I don't know the story from the beginning but once I know the story I will kick your jelly breast. I don't understand what did you type on your blog, don't you go to school? or I can teach you how to use keyboard or using English. I don't care what type of girl are you? You just a piece of whore. Everyone know, what kind of person you are. I don't want to talk about you actually but you are talking about my best friend biatch and you using foul words. Don't you know I have PhD on using foul words so, try your best to take care your Lil sister and yourself cause I fucking don't care who you are? Just mind your own business and yes, Seniors just hanging with a good-manners Juniors

*Bad Bitch, be ware of rude Ana because I'm fucking pleasure to kick your jelly ass :)