05 November 2010



AAA is not on the line. I already updating my blog and do other stuff. Momma said we going out tonight, so, I have a bout 5 hours more. I don't know where are going. Teacher Anna's open house? I will never go because I guess that "she" will show up. So, fuckk uppp! Sorry guys, I don't want to see her face, she is damnnn annoying me. After this, I want to take a nap or playing X-BOX with Abang Taiko's, damnn it, I don't know what should I do, GRRRRRRRRRRR
Momma's let's get out right now, we go to One Utama or Subang Parade, only two of us, I wanna buy a new handbag and heels :) Aiyoooo, manyak molingg! (hentak hentak kaki)