06 November 2010

I ♥ Guitarist

Yesterday, I posted about "my Friday bored day". Extremely BOREDDDD(!). I made noise until Mama feel annoyed with me. I keep disturbing Mama watching television, made a "pepp" noise, disturbing Abang Taiko's palying X-BOX until he get mad with me, suddenly, Mama said "Hahh, nak keluar sangat kann, pergi mandi cepat!". WOOOOOO, cepat-cepat, bagitahu Mama nak beli new handbag and shoes :)

I just wear jeans, white tee's and heels *Mama keep complaining because I rarely wear my heels so, I wear it to make her feel better.

We went to Ampang Point, jauh gila kann? From Sg.Buloh to Ampang, about an hour. I don't know why but I make the request. Ampang Point ramai hot guysss :)

Mama didn't buy any handbag and shoes for me ;'(

She just bought two pairs Giordano jeans for Abang Taiko's, not fair at all!

But, it's my fault actually, takde yang berkenan :)

After that, we went to Switchblade KL for dinner. WOOT! WOOT!

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Switchblade™ Kuala Lumpur
We eat a lot, I love their homemade patties, fucking awesome!
Their Pizza's is so delicious!
My siblings drank Oreo Milkshake*my fav, Strawberry Milkshake, and Choc Milkshake.
Last night I ate run chicken run, and drank Iced Latte, extremely I love it!
*Sorry because no picture uploaded,

The live band is so cool, the vocalist voice is damnn powerful.
But my eyes get attracted by the guitarist
I love the guitarist. Fuckingg hot guy!
No worries, I found their video, and you should keep your eyes on the guitarist.
I'm in-love with the guy whom wearing black tee's :)